About Us

NOLA Techie was founded on the belief that computer services should be affordable and dependable, offering quality service at reasonable rates. We work with small businesses, non-profits, artists, musicians, service industry professionals, to bring you a low cost solution to your technology needs. We are a locally owned and operated company, serving customers in the Greater New Orleans area.

Marshall Gochenour
Marshall is a life long computer tech and has been tinkering with computers since his youth. Marshall served as the Volunteer and work site coordinator for Katrina Corps, a non profit rebuild organization created to fill the gaps left by traditional aid organizations. By utilizing open source technologies, he kept the scattered board of directors constantly in communication and collaboration. He was also a major contributor to the repurposing of Colton School for an Artist collaborative with an educational focus. Marshall created and maintained a wireless network and saw to all of the various artists and tenant nonprofits’ technology needs.  He has also worked with Minute Key, a nationwide organization, maintaining and repairing computerized key kiosks. Marshall specializes in a making technology work for you, and will help you navigate and understand your computer problems.

Denise Heston
Denise has over two decades of experience working in technology. She served as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer with such companies as Hewlett Packard and Intuit testing computer software before its release to the public. She is a Raisers Edge expert, holding advanced certifications from Blackbaud, has an extensive background working with SQL databases (CRMs) and has worked for many New Orleans non-profits, including Start The Adventure In Reading (STAIR), The New Orleans Public Library Foundation, New Orleans City Park, NOMA, The National WWII Museum, Catholic Charities of New Orleans and the Archdiocese of New Orleans.